- Police, protesters clash after Belarus presidential vote... - BBC apologizes after initially defending use of racist term in reporting... - India to ban over 100 imports of military equipment items to boost ‘self-relia... - Six French tourists, two others, killed in ambush at African giraffe reserve... - American ex-Green Berets jailed over failed Venezuela attack... - Boris Johnson says it is a 'moral duty' to reopen schools, warns of widening gap... - Beirut cop killed in anti-government clashes as Macron calls on world to help... - New Zealand marks 100 straight days without new coronavirus infection... - Brazil surpasses 100,000 coronavirus deaths, shows no sign of curbing outbreak... - Chinese fleet fishing near Galapagos protected waters, allegedly falsifying GPS ... - Lebanese protesters storm government buildings as prime minister vows early elec... - Austrian tourist taking photo with 200-year-old sculpture breaks its toes... - Britain faces record migrant influx via English Channel, demands France crack do... - France, Germany criticize US for trying to lead WHO discussions despite withdraw... - At least 8 soldiers dead in blast outside Somali army base... - Mauritius declares emergency as stranded ship spills fuel... - India flight's deadly runway skid likely due to low visibility, wet runway: expe... - Russia claims it will win race in finding coronavirus vaccine, scientists say no... - Pakistan to roll back lockdown measures as COVID-19 death numbers decline... - UK pledges to crack down on ‘appalling’ wave of illegal immigration across E...